The title of my research was "Enhancing the bioscience literature for people and machines". I was trying to make the knowledge within scientific literature easier to access for machines in the belief that if machines can access the knowledge, we can build tools that will allow humans to access the knowledge in novel and more efficient ways.

It is important to do this as the rate of growth of the volume of published work is very high: reportedly beyond the ability of bioscientists to comfortably engage with it. The machine readable version of the scientific literature that we are trying to produce will be open access. This will allow other researchers and engineers to make their own tools to explore the literature, enable research on the nature of the literature itself and will act to pull the knowledge within the current scientific literature further into the public domain.

My supervisor was Steve Pettifer and I worked on the Lazarus Project, also led by Steve.

If you want to know more about my research, I host a rather long precis of my work (~350 words) along with a slightly updated version of my first year report [html] [pdf] (~5000 words).

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